Laptop Alarm

2.0 Beta

Keep robbers away from your laptop


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If you usually go to the library to study or in your placework there are too many people you don't know, it's time o protect your laptop from robbers.

Laptop Alarm is a great, simple and free software which puts an alarm on your laptop. A loud alarm which will sound if anyone removes the A/C Power, the mouse or any USB device.

It will also sounds if the mouse is moved or in case of shutdown or suspend.

Laptop Alarm becomes really useful and even a must-have if you usually are in places with lots of pople and you want to be more relaxed when you go to have a coffee or relax for a while.

Finally, it doesn't need to be installed, just run it and secure your laptop. If anyone try to steal your laptop, a buzz will surprise the robber and will warn everybody around it.